Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Daily Happy #10

The little things...

Almost four years ago I was searching for the perfect accessory for a Halloween costume and I stumbled upon an adorable pair of white convertible mittens at...wait for it...Target (cue angel choir).

I wasn't really in the market for new mittens - I just needed "paws" - but these puppies had opposable fingers AND thumbs and from that point on, I pretty much never wore anything else in cold-weather months.

This love affair came to an abrupt end about a month ago when left mitten went rogue and left me behind on the 51L.  I was devastated. The hunt for replacements began immediately and, to my surprise, to no avail. There were plenty of adorable fingerless, hand-knit gloves on Etsy and a plethora of semi-convertible mittens, well, all over the internet.  But none had the stinkin' convertible thumb! I gave up.

Until last Friday morning when I found myself scraping off my windshield, fingers-a-freezin'. I re-instituted my search that day and finally found a pair of hideously colored completely convertible mitts from Eastern Mountain Sports. But did I seriously want to incorporate "deep grass green" into my winter wardrobe? I certainly did not. After some digging I found they DID sell a white color, but had none in stock online. So I called the manufacturer and asked if they had any idea when they might have a pair in, say, a size small. Ten minutes later I got a return phone call telling me a store in Vermont just happened to have ONE last pair in their inventory...and it was mine! 

Tonight I came home to find my fabulous new mittens waiting for me on my doorstep!

(big props to Jasper for providing an adorably furry backdrop)

HOORAY!  Now I can text, pick things up, open up plastic packaging on DVDs and anything else imaginable, all while my hands are comfy-cozy and warm! PID poked some fun at my over-reaction to their arrival, but I say it's the little things (like an opposable thumb) that can make for happy little moments.  They don't have to be material things. In fact, they rarely are. There's a pair of "perfect mittens" out there for everyone. You just have to let yourself find them.

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