Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Daily Happy #8: Adorable Organization

When it all comes together...

After a solid month (or more) of holiday chaos, PID and I dedicated this weekend to regaining some order in our lives.  We took action in more ways than one, but one of my tasks actually turned out to be...wait for!

We're plagued with a lack of storage in our humble cape cod.  Though we recently invested in a kitchen redeaux to gain more counter space (yip!), we unfortunately gained no cabinet space. As a baker, I've got an excess of flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and every other ingredient under the sun. Because of this, I've noticed recently that we've been shoving boxes and bags in a somewhat (ok...totally) unorganized manner into any space we can find which leaves us clueless on what we have/don't have. So today, I set out to find a solution.

I found myself at Busy Beaver staring at a mile-high wall of storage solutions, but nothing was really clicking.  I kept perusing when I caught sight of an unlikely fix -- cases of mason jars stocked well beyond my reach, yearning to be purchased.  And so I did.  And so my organization solution was born.

Here's what you'll need to put together these adorable little storage containers:

  • Quart and/or pint-sized mason jars (tip: do the math before you shop, then get a few extra just in case!)
  • Ribbon (about 8-10" per mason jar)
  • Multi-colored card-stock (cut into 2.5 x 2" pieces)
  • Fiskars pattern scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Permanent marker
  • Hole punch

Start by taking an inventory of all of your "jar-worthy" cupboard items and make a list.  Once you've got it, cut your lighter-colored cards ever-so-slightly smaller than the darker color cards. Then write out each item in as fancy or plain a way you'd like.

Next you'll simply trim the edges with your Fiskars patterned scissors, glue the lighter cards on top of the darker cards, punch a whole in the upper left-hand corner and trim the edges of the darker card (be sure to punch the whole first or you might cut off too much space).

Next, cut your ribbon into 8-10" pieces and feed a piece through the hole in your card, front to back, then tie them onto your jars! 

I found it easier to label each jar BEFORE filling them -- it kept me in line.

The process was a little messy, but once it was all over I loved what I saw! It really streamlined my cupboards and gave my entire kitchen a more put-together feel. 

Not only were these cute little mason jars a great way to keep my cupboards presentable and organized, but they're an extremely cost-efficient alternative to purchasing pricey decorative dry-ingredient containers.  

After a night of crafting I can't wait to do it again -- but I could use some suggestions of how to make it worth my while! What are some of your favorite DIY projects?  

Happy organizing!

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