Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Daily Happy #16: Creativity is a Gift

Last weekend, PID and I were invited to a wedding. We - like idiots - waited way too long (either that, or other invitees were WAY too on-the-ball) and there was barely anything left on the couple's registry.

I didn't want to be "that guest" who just bought a few random things  because it was all that was left. So instead, I tapped into my creative juices and headed to Michael's.

So instead of something they ACTUALLY wanted, Mrs. & Mrs. L received a Macy's gift card and these personalized, hand-painted door hangers - one for every season.

Sometimes, hand-crafted gifts can be tacky, so it's always good to judge your audience. I certainly hope that the new Mr. & Mrs. will give them a lovely new home on their doors.

I simply ran to Michael's, picked up four wooden plaques, a few unfinished seasonal shapes and letters, some craft paint, hemp rope, and a matte finishing spray. Then let your creativity shine!

Congratulations to the happy new couple!

What are some other crafts that you've given as gifts?

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  1. i just signed into my own blog and saw this, because i follow you, of course! :) these are to die for, and i can't wait to start using them this fall!!! hands down the most thoughtful gift we received!