Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Daily Happy #15: The Proposal Edition

It was the hottest day of the year. And it was about to get hotter.

My dear friend Mrs. McMc asked me to go check out the new vegan/raw restaurant in Shadyside and - after our delicious, refreshing lunch - suggested we get mani/pedis. It was a completely lovely afternoon. I couldn't have asked for a better one.

But then again... I didn't have to ask...

When I arrived home, PID's car was not in the driveway and I didn't hear the familiar excited shuffle of Scout's puppy paws as I turned my key in the lock. Something was amiss.

As I pushed open the door and prepared to call out for my boys, I noticed a note on the arm of the loveseat.  I figured PID had left me a note that he took the pup for a walk.  But as I read more closely... something else began to unfold.

"Moments of Love: Hearing the sound of the door knowing you are home from work" (Cue the rapid heartbeat...)
"Sitting on the couch making each other crack up laughing hysterically" (it's the best medicine...)

"Being understanding that it's OK to have alone time for both of us!" (...and looking forward to together time, too!)

"Enjoying your delicious cooking and CUPCAKES!!" (He's actually the better cook...)

"You drinking pickle juice may be quirky, but I love it!" (it's delicious, I promise...)
"Your smile makes my heart melt" (he's usually the one making me smile...)
"Taking care of me when I become sick or hurt myself" (this happens a lot...)
"After 3 years, you still excite me in new ways like we just met" (...and I love him more EVERY day.)
Roses, a note and a puzzle... what could this be!?
"Good afternoon! A night to remember awaits!  First, Scout is OK and safe.  He is currently boarded at the Highland Park Camp Bow Wow.  Second, please complete the puzzle for special instructions for the evening. Once you're done, look inside the manila envelope for further instructions. If you desperately need to reach me, you can call or text me."

Soccer, Mickey and spirals. Seriously? Where does he get this stuff!?

Inside the envelope were detailed instructions on how to dress, what to pack and how to pay the driver, but NOTHING on where we were headed!

I still had NO idea what was happening. Early birthday present, perhaps? A response to my in-jest request the previous week for us to try to "be more spontaneous?" I was completely in the dark, even though I was glowing.  

I rushed around my house, excited and nervous and crying and laughing and talking to the cats like they were people - asking their opinion on everything my new dress to my toe nail polish color.

At 6:08, the doorbell rang and my heart leapt out of my chest. Corey, the "driver" whom PID had somehow convinced to do all of this, was waiting at the door.  Fifteen minutes later, he pulls a u-ie on Liberty Avenue and I'm standing at the doorstep of Morton's - where PID and I have shared many perfect dates. My note informed me that the driver would be taking my bag to a separate location, so I left it in the car....

The moment I walked in, the hostess said "You must be Meredith!" and lead me to our table.  He looked amazing. What a pleasant and exciting surprise! We ate the most delicious dinner of all time (no photos, it was a special occasion so I spared him the "blogger-esque" evening) and he took my hand and lead me out the door.

I thought we were going to go for a little walk around Pittsburgh, but PID lead me about a block across the street to Pittsburgh's premier hotel, the Fairmont.  In the elevator, he had to swipe his key to even get us to the floor. When he opened the door, my jaw dropped. It wasn't just a room. It was an enormous suite with a beautiful view of the city and river.

Yes, that's a telescope.

I sprinted toward the window to take a look at the view and Sean caught my hand. When I turned I saw strawberries and champagne. And my stomach started to bubble before I even took a drink.


Sean took a breath, gulped, and reminded me about the first day we met: how we became best friends instantly and always wanted to be around one another. He talked about how it took us a very long time, but through all the ups and downs he never lost confidence that I was the one for him. (Cue the waterworks). When he got down on one knee, it all became fuzzy. I didn't even have to think for a moment. I'm pretty sure I responded with sobs, tears, and a "duh!"


The ring is a Brilliant Earth, white gold, twisted vine diamond studded band. The most perfect ring he could have possibly chosen. He knows me that well that he made the most perfect choice in the entire world.

And so did I :)

I'll keep you posted on the details as they unravel. I can't wait to marry my very. best. friend.


  1. Jill and Bryan hoskoJuly 8, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    This is an amazing proposal! Props go out to Sean. So happy for you both. You make an awesome couple.

  2. So happy for you Meredith. I know your parents are just as happy. Congrats

  3. Really? Why don't you write for some famous paper or something -- that was amazing!!! I'm in love for you guys, well I am in love but with my fiance. I can tell you, it's 1 of the best moments of my life too, something I'll never forget! Enjoy it lady, you deserve it!!

  4. This is so sweet! Congratulations!

  5. Oh my gosh ... I love this post. All of it. What a wonderful proposal! Congratulations!

  6. Congrats! What an amazing of luck

  7. Yay! That sounds so perfect! I love his idea of writing cards to put around the house. Such love. :)

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  9. I dont even know you but, wow! What a great story and perposal! You look beautiful, by the way. Wish I was invited to the wedding...ha! Love that ring, too. Enjoy!! Very happy for you.