Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Daily Happy #6

Finding spare change...

You know the feeling I'm talking about. Whether it's in the bottom of your purse or caught in a street drain, giving a home to a lost, mistreated buck or two is always rewarding.

Today, I spotted $15 in tightly washed bills in my dryer (nestled between a soccer sock and a shrunken button down sweater) and welcomed them, all cleansed and warm, back into my life.

But then I had an idea...

I took $10 of those dollars and tucked them safely away in my wallet in preparation for a possible new pair of shoes (don't worry little dollars, I won't let you near the government...).  The other $5, however, I placed neatly in the pocket of one of PID's heavy winter coats.

Though I know there is a chance he'll read this, I'm hoping that he'll forget all about it when it finally comes time to put on that coat in December and gets to experience his very own happy.

I encourage you to try it some time. Find your daily happy, whatever it may be, and pay it forward to someone else. A friend, a stranger, a son or daughter...  The feeling of passing along that happy creates a whole brand new happy for you to enjoy.

Give it a try. Let me know how it goes :)

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