Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Daily Happy #2

When you realize you know someone who knows someone...

Today I was diligently working hard (still am.............sorta) when I got a Facebook notification that a friend of mine had posted this video on my wall

It made me happy  no matter what because I happen to have loved The Script since their album dropped in early 2008 in the UK and a friend of mine forwarded me an underground video of them performing "We Cry"  After listening to the beauty of their lyrics and melodies, I was immediately hooked.  I believe there was a time that I did nothing but listen to their LP over and over again for consecutive hours.

Then suddenly, they hit the mainstream. I don't recall when or how it happened exactly, but Breakeven broke out and I'm sad to say I'm no longer the cool girl who is obsessed with the foreign indy band.... but just like everyone else. 

It's been said they're "The Next U2."  I'm not sure anyone should ever be given that title.  U2 is U2.  There is no "next U2" -- instead I believe The Script should be called the biggest sound to successfully jump the puddle since U2 and simply continue to rock it.

But I digress....

When I read a bit closer, I noticed that the same friend who posted the Breakeven Live performance on my Facebook wall had also announced (as she works with a local concert venue) that the band was coming to Pittsburgh on September 4th and she was offering me her comp tickets since she knew how much I loved them.

AH-MAZE-ZING!  It's very infrequent that I have the money to splurge on big concerts (though I do admit to over-investing in a floor seat ticket to the upcoming NKOTBSB concert) so this was an OUTSTANDING surprise.  It made My Daily Happy of the day and I can no longer wait until September....which is a phrase I never though I'd hear myself say....

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