Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wanna be a Pittsburgh Food Star?! LAST DAY TO ENTER!

Hey friends! So I'm late on the uptake in posting this to ya'll, but I've recently entered a contest to become the "Next Pittsburgh Food Star" and I'm hoping some of you will enter too!

Today is the deadline for entries, so get crackin'!

Anyway, if any of you read my other blog, Taste of Pittsburgh, you might have seen a post I did last year about an AMAZING local food expo called GoodTaste! Pittsburgh.

PID and I had an incredible time last fall and can't wait to go back this year!  A bonus to this year's event?  They're hosting an awesome contest to discover Pittsburgh's next great Food Star! All you have to do is enter a short video of you explaining your favorite recipe, upload it to YouTube and send the link in an e-mail to  The semi-finalists will be selected THIS WEEK and will compete on Saturday for a spot in the finals: performing LIVE at the GoodTaste! event on November 5!  (Oh, by the way, winners also get $1,000!!!)

For my recipe, I made one of my all time favorites: my Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes! Perfect for St. Paddy's Day....or a Thursday.

The center cupcake is my Irish Car Bomb Cake
Here is my entry video:

Pardon the amateur hour with the video editing. I'm handy with spices, but definitely not splices.

So if you've got a smart phone, video camera, or FlipCam lying around with a hunger for 15+ minutes of fame, shoot a short video of yourself making tonight's dinner and enter for your chance to compete with me at the semi-finals!

Best of luck to you!

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